The Advantages of Using myRapid


What if there was a single place where you manage all of the quotes, orders and account history you’ve requested from Rapid? Well, it already exists. myRapid does all that, and more. The advantages of using myRapid make it worth a close look.

Multi-part Uploads

If you have a quote that has more than one part, use myRapid to batch process them. When you do, you’ll keep all the parts together on one screen as a single Request For Quote (RFQ) containing multiple line items.

Parts Specs and Orders Made Easy

Before you upload your CAD file, you can specify the material you want used along with the finish, color and quantity. You’ll get an instant quote. If there are any issues with your design, your quote will get additional attention from one of our engineers. Once everything looks good, you can approve the quote and select from a variety of shipping and payment options, including purchase orders (POs).

Track Your Quotes with myRapid

myRapid includes your complete order history, so you can see what you ordered in the past, and what’s in your queue. Your eRapid quotes appear here, too!

myRapid Simplifies Teamwork

These days, no one works in a vacuum. Each part you create has multiple stakeholders who need to watch the details of the quotes. myRapid makes this easy because you can share your quote with others on your team. Having all of this information in one place saves you time.

If you want to order a part again, myRapid simplifies reorders. If your company moves, we have you covered. Update all of your contact information quickly and easily right in the system. We want to make the quoting process as painless as possible!

Learn how you can use myRapid to track your quotes and save time.


Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining

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3D Printing and Injection Molding

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