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Jacobs Vehicle Systems, located in Bloomfield, CT, is the industry leader in engine braking and valve actuation mechanisms.  The company manufactures engine brakes for heavy duty diesel engines, and with nearly 60 years of experience, it has revolutionized the industry.


When designing an engine brake, numerous factors must be evaluated by the Jacobs’ team.  One of the challenges they face is the envelope in which their engine brake system must fit.  Because their customers’ engines are at varying stages of design, the engine brake must fit into complicated geometry in order to properly lay into the designated envelope. The smallest dimensional error could prevent liquids from traveling through the engine or prevent the release of exhaust.

A second challenge is time. The speed at which a part is manufactured, tested, and adjusted is instrumental in meeting customer deadlines.  Jacobs requires a prototype manufacturer that understands quickly delivery while keeping prototypes costs down.


Jacobs Vehicle Systems already has the ability to manufacture prototype parts in-house, but the Jacobs’ engineering team was looking for a company that could be an extension of their prototype team when needed.

When looking for a new vendor, Jacobs required a team of skilled machinists, like Rapid’s highly skilled, industry leading machinists who understand the manufacturing process required to fabricate complex and precise parts.

In Jacobs’ search for a prototype shop, they also required a partner who could manufacture parts in a timely manner.  To meet their strict deadlines, a part must be manufactured and tested in the fastest time possible while still meeting their high-quality standards. Rapid understands the importance of these crucial requirements demanded by their customers.

Jacobs final requirement of a prototype shop included the ability to manufacture parts using a variety of methods.  Because Jacobs manufactures an assortment of components, the prototype shop must be able to fabricate parts using CNC, lathes, mills, and sheet metal laser cutters.


One of Jacobs Vehicle Systems engineers, Michael Gron, explains that because of the rigorous requirements, Rapid is a great fit for all their prototype needs. Gron states, “I love Rapid’s business model because their CNC machines are top of the line – quick and accurate. They also support us by turning quotes around almost immediately with their outstanding web interface to track purchase requests and orders.”

As a result of aggressive and thorough testing, frequent changes are made to the system requiring quick turnaround for part procurement. Gron knows he can rely on Rapid to fabricate the parts in record time.

To learn more about Jacobs Vehicle Systems, visit: www.jacobsvehiclesystems.com/



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