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ULC Robotics is an industry leader in  engineering services and product development for utility and energy verticals. The company is divided into 4 divisions: pipeline robotics, research & development, energy services, and aerial services. Everything ULC Robotics designs and manufactures is custom and helps to solve industrywide issues.


ULC Robotics focuses on innovation and revolutionizing industry practices. Because of this approach all parts are custom designed and manufactured. Mass production of the robotic systems are not necessary because each has a unique purpose. In addition to quantity restrictions and customization challenges the ULC Robotics team needs parts that are able to withstand extreme conditions. This includes moving in live gas pipelines and water drainage systems. In addition to reliability and customization the parts needed to be manufactured in strict timelines.

ULC Robotics not only manufactures parts for industry innovation, but many of these challenges can come up in emergency situations. This requires updating systems and designing and manufacturing robotics systems in very limited timespans.


One solution to all three of the challenges was RAPID. David Antanavige, Mechanical Design Engineer at ULC Robotics, first heard about RAPID from his peers. They not only provided the solution of RAPID, but they also introduced Antanavige to eRAPID.

eRAPID is a plug-in for SOLIDWORKS and provides real-time design for manufacturing feedback and instant pricing on sheet metal prototype parts. Antanavige knew this would help his team get instant pricing for on-the-fly projects and speed up the timeline.


Since Antanavige was introduced to RAPID several years ago, the company has continuously provided  metal prototype components for a variety of their robotic systems. Antanavige and the team use eRAPID consistently because it removes the step of producing drawings and increases efficiency.

Antanavige states, “In our industry we need perfect parts, and RAPID has been great! The parts are always consistent and I have a great relationship with my Regional Sales Manager.”

Since working with ULC Robotics the team has expanded from using only Rapid Sheet Metal to also leveraging Rapid Machining’s division. This allows more of the parts to be manufactured by one supplier and creates a frictionless ordering process.

To learn more about ULC Robotics visit http://ulcrobotics.com/.



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