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In today’s day the digital world is fundamental. Sight and sound are the two senses used on a daily basis. As technology continues to grow and virtual reality becomes more mainstream it is only a matter of time before scent begins to enter the mix.

The challenge with introducing scent into the digital age is control. Light and sound travel through the hemisphere and can easily be controlled with an on and off switch. Scent is very easy to turn on, but once released is very difficult to turn off.

The founders of Vapor Communications took this challenge head on. The product invented, Cyrano. Cyrano is a loud speaker for scent. Cyrano combines digital control with scent medleys. The scents inspire a variety of moods. Getting to Cyrano took years of design, testing, and experimenting to ensure a consumer ready product reached the shelves.

Vapor Communications began the journey in 2013 at Harvard University. It took years to take Cyrano from the idea phase to prototype manufacturing. In 2015 Vapor Communications was ready to begin the manufacturing process. It was Vapor Communication’s mission to manufacture all the Cyrano parts in the United States. Cyrano also required multiple prototype revisions.

During the research phase Vapor Communications discovered Rapid. Rapid was the perfect fit. Rapid’s headquarters are located 30 minutes from Vapor Communications in Cambridge, MA. Rapid specializes in prototype sheet metal and machined part manufacturing, quantity one.

Vapor Communications chose Rapid. The CAD file was submitted and Rapid’s engineers began working on the design. Before the enclosure made it to the manufacturing floor three design revisions were completed in CAD. During the revisions Rapid suggested Aluminum as the enclosure material. Aluminum was selected because of its durability and appearance. The additional time spent on the design work improved Cyrano’s manufacturing timeline.

Rapid manufactured the prototype aluminum enclosures for Cyrano on a weekly basis. When Cyrano launched, Rapid was contracted to manufacture the first round of consumer products. Now, after a couple of months on the market, Cyrano is in production and Rapid was selected as the manufacturer.

Rapid was vital to the launch of Cyrano. Rapid provided fast and reliable prototype manufacturing. Rapid provided feedback on designing for manufacturability. Rapid provided a frictionless switch from prototype to production.

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