Manufacturing Parts Using the Wire EDM Method


Five Reasons You Want Your Part Manufactured Using the Wire EDM Method

Rapid Machining has recently reconfigured the manufacturing floor and purchased new equipment to offer customers Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM). There are many benefits and reasons a prototype part could be manufactured using a Wire EDM machine versus a CNC machine or lathe machine. This blog will highlight six reasons you want your part manufactured using Wire EDM.


Wire EDM has the capability of manufacturing parts that would be too complex for standard CNC machines. This includes very small parts, parts with intricate details, parts with thin walls, and honeycomb parts. The only requirement is that the radius of the gap needs to be large enough and accessible by the spark.


CNC Machines and turned machines use a rounded spindle the cuts away material. This process creates rounded edges and corners. Wire EDM uses electrical charge to remove material. The precision allows for the manufacturing of sharp corners.


Materials that when traditionally machined are covered with burrs are great for the wire EDM machine. Wire EDM machine’s vaporize and flush away material leaving no burrs.


Prototype parts manufactured using fragile or expensive material is more cost effective using the Wire EDM method. Fragile materials are ideal because there is no contact or force which reduce stress to the material. Materials that are expensive benefit from the Wire EDM machine because there is a lower chip rate and slugs are reusable.


Any conductive material is perfect for Wire EDM Machining. One of the biggest benefits is material that is not easily manufactured using CNC Machining or Turning methods, especially very hard metals.


The Wire EDM method can reduce machining processes for parts. Parts that require multiple processes to achieve a specific shape can be achieved using the wire EDM method. Also, parts that require multiple component assemblies can use recess, taper or depth to manufacture the parts from a single piece of metal.

Wire EDM is a great alternative when CNC Machining and Turning do not meet the needs of the part or material.

To learn more about RAPID’s Wire EDM capabilities visit the Wire EDM Service’s Page.


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