The Importance of Detailed Specifications in CAD Design Data


One of the best ways to speed up processing of your request for quote (RFQ) is to add detailed specifications for every element of your part in your CAD design data. Sure, it’s easy to tell us to use a screw here or a rivet there. The trouble is, without descriptive details about each piece of assembly, you’re leaving a major hole in your 3D solid design. It’s kind of like giving someone a roadmap, but leaving out the cities.

When Designing: Specific is Terrific

Even the most obsessive designers occasionally leave out part specifications. When we get a design, all we have to work with is the data you’ve provided. Giving us detailed part information means you’ll avoid delays in lead time. For example, there are dozens of different screws, but you probably have a very particular one in mind that you want us to use in your assembly. We love to provide you with exactly what you envision, so being specific helps us to help you.

In the video below, we’ll show you three different ways quotes come to us. We’ll also show you how to get the part you want, quickly and accurately.



Instant Design Data Feedback and Quoting with eRapid

One way to ensure that your quotes are accurate and returned quickly is to use eRapid, our free, downloadable Solidworks plug-in. eRapid provides instant DFM feedback for sheet metal parts, so you know when your designs are in good shape and ready for the quoting process. If you want to make a change in your design specifications, eRapid lets you know how it will affect your quote. No matter the complexity of the part, eRapid can guide you through. It even allows you to order your parts right from the interface. Using eRapid and adding extensive CAD design data will improve lead times, getting your part to you faster.

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