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Rapid Machining Resources – Designing Machined Parts for Manufacturing

In 2009, Rapid Machining opened its doors with the mission to deliver quotes in hours and parts in days. Since the start, Rapid Machining has outgrown two locations and machined tens of thousands of unique prototype parts. We have taken years of knowledge and decided to pass it along to our customers, and fellow engineers.

Rapid Machining has two resources available for design for manufacturing feedback. The resources include a design guide:  CNC Machining Design Guide, and a LinkedIn Group: Machined Part Design for Manufacturing.

Prototype Machined Parts ResourcesRapid Machining Design Guide

The Rapid Machining Design Guide focuses on the basics of designing CNC machined and turned parts for manufacturing. Some topics reviewed include tolerances, fillets, mating parts and more. The Machining Guide is the first of the series. Stay tuned for more design guides in the future.

Download the Rapid Machining Design Guide:  CNC Machining Design Guide Download

Prototype Machined Part Design for Manufacturing LinkedIn Group

Launched by RAPID, the LinkedIn Group, Prototype Part Design for Manufacturing, offers a place for machine part engineers to collaborate and share their latest techniques for designing parts.

RAPID engineers post weekly tips based on what we frequently see in our manufacturing facility. The group is open to your feedback and we welcome posts from the community and other CNC machining, turning, and design experts.

Join the LinkedIn Group: Prototype Machined Parts Design for Manufacturing

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