Why Tolerance Matters in Sheet Metal


Sheet Metal Tolerances

It’s important to know that tolerance requirements and allowances differ if you are designing for sheet metal vs. a CNC machined part. This article is going to highlight what you need to know about tolerances for sheet metal only. To minimize quality control and cost of manufacturing we offer the following guidelines for tolerances on one surface:

  • Edge to edge = 0.005
  • Edge to hole = 0.005
  • Hole to hole = 0.005
  • Hole to hardware = 0.010
  • Edge to hardware = 0.010
  • Hardware to hardware = 0.015
  • Bend to hole = 0.015
  • Bend to hardware = 0.015
  • Bend to edge = 0.010
  • Bend to bend = 0.015

Watch this video to learn more about our tolerance requirements, consistency, and process capabilities.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining

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